Jet Set Bets is the twenty-something flight attendant that adores travel and shopping, thinks being happy is the most important thing in life, indulges in yummy food, wears a lot of black because “it’s chic”, is always dancing to the song in her head, considers herself an American-born citizen of the earth because one’s heart can belong in many places, loves to practice speaking French, doesn’t need or take anyone else’s opinion on her outfits, would up and move to London in a second, thinks the world of her family and friends, and knows who she is, what she wants, and how she’ll get it.

This blog is the culmination of the things I truly love–and things I hope you’ll love too. I’m here to document my travels, my learning experiences, my tips, my rises & falls, and everything in between. I’m talking about my passions, the clothes I adore, how I travel, my techniques to curating personal style, the brands I swear by, my philosophies on life, and so much more.

Some of it’s a little deeper than others. Some of it couldn’t be more superficial. If you want to read about how to save the earth and humanity–this may not be the place. But if you want to take a peek into my world and see why I love showing others parts of my life to either make their lives easier, give them a retreat from the real world, or connect on a real and, most importantly, fun, level, then you’re in the right spot.

Born and raised in a small town, I always desired to travel and start my adult life in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago. Twenty-three years later and here I am, navigating an essentially nomadic lifestyle with a kick*ss job, incredible friends, cool clothes, and fun times.

Here’s my mission and vision for the Jet Set Bets:

           I aspire to help you learn about the topics I discuss here on JSB. As we know, this blog is tag-lined as “The Fashionable Flight Attendant.” From that, we can conclude I’m into fashion and I travel for a living. Expect to get your ear talked off about those two topics! Why I am discussing these topics, though, is to show you about my passions. Yes, you could learn a bunch about fashion and clothes and makeup trends and traveling and flying and working in the airline industry from me and my blog, but what I want you to learn is about being passionate.

It’s obvious my average reader is likely a woman, and also likely in her twenties, just like me. But I don’t necessarily want just twenty-something girls that love clothes and vacations reading this blog. I want to inspire my readers. I want to inspire them to take risks, follow their hearts, and do something they love with their life.

I think I finally found out who I was when I let go of social archetypes like getting a job that pays the most or going to college until you have six degrees and six figures in school loans. I tuned out what everyone else was telling me and listened to what I wanted. It turns out I wanted to travel, I had a major thing for clothes, and really really wanted a blog to prove to people that doing what you love can make you happier than anything else. So here I am (Jet Set Bets), a couple years in the making because I wanted to do it right and had to learn how to do so. And guess what? I’m having a damn good time.

So if you’re still reading and not snoring–thank you so much.

I think we’re here for the same reasons. I’m so excited to share my life with you and hopefully give you a reason to go after something you’ve been dying to do–just like I was to start this blog.

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