My Top Beauty Hacks

Beauty queens,

As a makeup and beauty product fanatic, I find myself taking time out of each day to paint the canvas that is my face as well as refreshing my skin for maximum glam. Your makeup is just as important as your skincare, but taking care of your skin is often time consuming. It’s also hard to get a natural look when attempting to pull off the latest makeup trends. Over the years I’ve mastered a few techniques to keep my makeup looking fresh and flawless and the application time to a minimum.



I know there are about 600 different brushes/sponges/silicon pads (?) that you can apply your foundation with these days, but I’ve found the one that works best for me is a round-top, synthetic brush. My personal favorite is from Morphe Cosmetics—this E44 – Round Deluxe Buffer. This brush blends my foundation in flawlessly as well as gets it on my face in no time. It would take at least three times as long with a blending sponge, and the application is just as good.



They sell all sorts of gimmicky makeup brush cleaners ($45 at Sephora…really?), but I discovered my favorite hack of all time to be washing my brushes with bar soap. You simply swirl the brush around on the bar of soap while under running water, and the makeup comes right off. You can also squirt a dime-sized amount of shampoo (some swear by baby shampoo) in your palm and clean your brush in a similar fashion if you prefer the shampoo clean to bar soap. It’s cheap and quick and with something you already have on hand.



Another great hack for makeup is to use a product for more than it’s main purpose. I find myself forgetting to throw an eye shadow palette into my luggage all the time when I travel. To combat this lack of color on my eyelids, I’ve turned to using my contour powder or bronzer under and in the creases of my eyelids as well as highlighter in the inner corners and on my brow bone. It’s now my go-to makeup look, rather than picking out an eye shadow combination each day. It’s perfect for on-the-go makeup.



Similar to the previous hack, I don’t always stick to putting my blush on just my cheeks. I’ve used it for eye shadow much like I do with bronzer. However, I rarely go a day without rounding out my makeup by applying blush to my forehead. Think about it—when the sun hits you from above, where are you likely to get a little sunburn? The top of your forehead by your hairline. Much like we contour in not just our cheekbones, but our noses, temples, and jaw to make it look natural, I use blush where I flush, and also where the sun would hit (as if I live in a place where the sun comes out…).



Do you ever find your makeup looking patchy and almost as if it’s melted off on certain parts of your face? My nose and chin are notorious for rejecting makeup and halfway through the day you’d think I never applied anything there. To fight my bare skin from making an appearance when I’m trying to look like a Kardashian, I have another hack for you. I first apply a pore-minimizing primer in these areas (Benefit Porefessional) and then my foundation (L’Oréal True Match). Over my foundation, I throw on a light dusting of translucent powder (Avon Loose Transulcent Powder). On top of the powder I then apply the foundation or matching concealer again (this is just in the trouble areas like my nose and chin). I then set my whole face with a light powder. If you were to do this liquid product over powder product thing all over your face, you’d look like a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. But in certain places that need a little more help, no one will notice the difference. Try using an eye shadow primer under the first layer of foundation for extra hold.



False lashes are a total b*tch. I avoid wearing them at all costs. When I do have to suck it up and wear them though, I have a hack. First of all, I always apply them with a tweezer. This allows you to have better control and kind of plop them into place and adjust them easier than using your fingers. The main hack I have has to do with the glue. It’s hard timing out when the glue is tacky enough to use, and us girls rarely have enough patience to wait for it to get tacky, and we usually put on wayyy too much glue, so we often end up ruining our eye shadow when applying falsies. My favorite way to get the perfect amount of tacky glue on my falsies is by putting the glue onto a rounded surface a few minutes prior to it going on the lash. I’ll squirt a strip of glue on to the side of a bottle (usually a foundation bottle) and just let it sit for about five minutes. In the meantime finish up other parts of my makeup. When that five minutes is up, take the lash with a tweezer and gently rub the strip against the tacky glue and voila! The lash will have a thin layer of glue that’s ready to go directly on your lash-line—no more waiting for the glue to dry on a lash in between your fingers.



Seriously. This is what you’re doing when you sleep in your makeup. Do I take my makeup off every night before I go to bed? You bet I do. Even when I’ve had too much to drink? Or I’m staying elsewhere? Or I am so jetlagged I can’t even walk? YES. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how I’ve scolded them all about it (that and how much I hate them going in tanning beds). It’s so bad for your skin to sleep in your makeup. It’s also downright nasty. So this hack is going to come in handy when my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom when I’m fifty and you have wrinkles because you were lazy. I’m kidding! Keep makeup wipes in your nightstand at the very least—that way you won’t have to get out of bed to get the foundation off your skin and the mascara off your lashes when you just can’t be bothered to go all the way to the bathroom.



With all that makeup you’re wearing (and better be taking off at night), you’re doing a lot of damage to your skin. It’s important to take the time to refresh your skin by cleansing and wearing masks in the evening to take the toxins out of your pores. This beauty hack is a simple but effective one. Masks remove the bad stuff from your face to prevent breakouts and uneven skin.


With all the time you spend doing your makeup, you should be spending just as much with upkeep of your skin. I hope some of these hacks will make your life a little easier and will keep that upkeep and beautifying easy, quick, and fun. What are your hacks?


Xx Jet Set Bets


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