New York, I Love You, XOXO

Greetings, big city gals.

I have a hunch some of you may love New York City just as much as I do.

It’s stunning in literally every season, there’s something for everyone, and it has that mythical vibe being such a grand location—something you feel on every corner.

I recently made a weekend of it with some girlfriends to just hang out in gorgeous Manhattan. We hit up a couple fabulous restaurants and bars, saw the sights, and walked for miles.

Living in the New York area is a blessing–there’s never a dull moment. If you find yourself hitting up the big apple anytime soon, I thought I’d pop in a few tips from my recent city stops to liven up your Instagram feed: particularly in the pink department.

Let’s Hear it for New York

Feeling the Millennial Pink Moment?

I’ll be honest: my friends and I have had a little obsession with the pink thing as of late. As usual, we’ve found our inspiration from Instagram, and put our own spin on some of the perfectly pink posts we’ve spotted online. Why not hit up…

Pietro Nolita:

With the slogan “Pink as Fuck” plastered everywhere, this restaurant is the millennial mecca. Located in the Nolita neighborhood just south of Soho, it’s definitely worth stopping by, even just for a photo. Your Instagram influence will be at an all time high.

While We Were Young:

“We were together, I forget the rest”

Praying for something even more plush? Try the pink velvet cushioned restaurant, While We Were Young. The food and drinks are healthy and delicious, but don’t plan on spreading out too far as space is limited. It’s a dazzling brunch spot–you’ll be taking photos of everything from the menu to the food to the chair you’re seated on.

The Gucci Wall:

Oh the infamous Gucci Wall. Located on 91 Crosby St., this wall’s art changes here and there, but it’s currently a gorgeous advertisement for Gucci Bloom. Pink, polished, and posh, grab yourself an Instagram-worthy shot in front of it. Just don’t rest your coffee on a Porsche in the parking lot in front of it or the owner may give you a scary look.


Loving our pink looks? Here are a few items you may want to pop into your shopping bag.

Millie Mackintosh Ashes Blazer

ASOS Tailored Easy Mansy Blazer

ASOS Cord Pelmet Skirt in Pale Pink

Oh, and if you caught the reference from the title of this blog post–you’re amazing. If you didn’t, you obviously haven’t watched enough Gossip Girl.

Xx Jet Set Bets