October Travels 2017

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Aren’t you? It has to be my favorite month of the bunch. Crisper air, warm drinks, orange leaves…everything feels a bit more cozy. I can’t help but feel a bit eager for a new beginning when autumn rolls around each year.

The fashion girl in me especially adores October because the “new beginning” that is autumn generally means a new wardrobe. Not necessarily new clothes to buy (although, I find it hard to stay away from purchasing coats and sweaters and boots), but new clothes in comparison to the horror that is summer style.

I am simply not a fan of summer, and what one is forced to wear in the summer months is exactly why. I don’t like to sweat, I don’t like flowy dresses that flip up in the breeze, I don’t like the “boho” look, I cannot stand shorts, and I really just don’t know what kind of shoes to wear in the summer months (although I am a serious fan of espadrilles).

I think you get it. Summer fashion and hot, hot weather is not for me. I’m much more chipper in my cashmere turtlenecks and All Saints leather jacket.

Besides fashion, I enjoy my travels so much more in October too, as the cooler weather and time of year means a little less tourist-fighting and a little more calmness to the big cities I adore.

This year my job as a flight attendant helped me make it to a few favorites and two new locations I was tickled to have a wander in.

Not only did I travel for work, but I got to spend a weekend in one of America’s oldest cities and a place I always think of when I think of fall, Boston, with a few girlfriends.


I’ll stop chatting now; commence the gorgeous photos!


You may have noticed I’ve taken a few photos in this very spot before. I love this location on the Seine. The lighting is generally insane, I can get the Eiffel Tower, the river, and bridges in the shots (#stunning!), and (here’s a Jet Set Bets Exclusive:) whether or not I have a photographer or if I’m snapping them myself (yes, I take some of my photos on my own! Thank goodness for self timers and camera remotes. A girl’s gotta get her picture taken when she’s in Europe) it’s a quiet area so I don’t have to worry about photo-bombers. Why is it people love to ruin a gorgeous shot?

{I’m wearing a BB Dakota leather dress, Forever 21 longline blazer, and Céline sunglasses here}

The leaves in Paris are just beginning to change color and fall from the trees this October (although the weather is still in the low 70’s! By the end of the month it will be perrrrfect). It truly is dreamlike this time of year.


A bit chillier than Paris is Amsterdam.

The architecture in this city amazes me. I couldn’t help but take photos on every corner. Make sure you don’t get in a biker’s way when stopping for a photo opp–they won’t move for you!

I stopped at “The Avocado Show” for brunch–a trendy restaurant that you’ll definitely queue outside for, and it’ll definitely be worth it. It’s so busy here they’ll place you at any open spot. As I was alone, I was sat with a few other people. I got to chatting, and the girl across from me was a former flight attendant, and the girl next to me works as a flight attendant as well! As you can imagine we had lots to chat about. I didn’t feel like I was eating my poké bowl alone with them to discuss the jet set life with.

The kick flares and boots are having a moment this season. I also had to pop in a little color one last time before the weather really cools off. I initially bought this blazer with matching shorts to wear to a wedding. I love the longline look of it over a turtleneck.

{I’m wearing an ASOS blazer, Forever 21 turtleneck, Madewell Jeans, and ASOS boots here}

Oh, you noticed that little number hanging on my shoulder? If you’re like me, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of it. That, my dear friends, is a Pochette Metis, and I traveled the world in search of it. I’ve been going to the Louis Vuitton store on every layover for months trying to get my hands on this bag. I finally found it in London after a full day of waiting in multiple stores. I got the last one on Bond Street and it all felt so meant to be. I am so pleased with this bag. It was my first “big girl purchase” with my hard earned dollars and I will cherish it forever!


I had never really explored San Francisco before until I ended up with a 24 hour layover there in the middle of two flights to Paris. Jet lagged as ever, I got dropped off at one end of the bridge, grabbed a few photos, and started off on my walk across. As you can tell by the fog, the weather wasn’t the best, and I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion. It was still a fantastic experience! I was so high on life.



Frankfurt was another first on the list as I haven’t really spent much time in Germany before–I’ve only had a day in Berlin over a year ago. It’s a charming little city with a beautiful riverfront. I even found a few Christmas gifts.

{I’m wearing a Mango coat with flared sleeves, ASOS turtleneck, and Gucci sunglasses here}


Our weekend consisted of hitting up the Head of The Charles Regatta–a boat race on the Harvard campus. We joked about bumping into Malia Obama and then we actually did. The weather was gorgeous and the good times had were plenty! We finished off the weekend with a Sex and the City marathon–much needed girl time.

{I’m wearing a thrift store blazer, Zara sweater, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, and Gucci sunglasses here}


Thanks for taking the time to catch up on my travels. I love sharing them with you. Be sure to keep up with me on the daily through Instagram: @betsyabernethy.


Xx Jet Set Bets