One Year of JSB

Hi, friends!

Jet Set Bets is one year old! Not this very day—I actually don’t know the exact birth date of my lovely little website here (I’m a bad blogger). But we’ve hit and passed the one-year-milestone as I know I started working on this bad boy sometime around the beginning of 2016. Hooray for JSB & its success!

You’ve probably noticed the frequency of my blog posts take a bit of a nosedive since winter came around. I apologize for that! The number one reason for that is my work schedule. Since November, I’ve been on call and have barely been working or traveling. You might think that this would give me more time to blog, and sure, it’s given me loads of free time! But it hasn’t provided me with the content I’m used to publishing (like my work layovers I love to share with you for example).

Initially I started Jet Set Bets with completely different intentions than what I’m working with currently. I wanted to do outfit posts, and makeup tutorials, and recipes, and travel tips, and trendy restaurants, and beauty favorites and more. Recently, though, I’ve come to realize that that might just be a little too broad for my current situation. Being a lifestyle/fashion/travel/beauty/foodie blogger is awesome, and I love all those things, but it’s too much for my little corner of the Internet! I’m happy I’ve been able to test the waters with what I’ve posted this past year and to have had such great support doing so.

What I’ve realized is that I want Jet Set Bets to be a bit more of a travel diary. I’m still “The Fashionable Flight Attendant;” I’ll still be sharing where I buy my clothes, photos of my outfits, and things like that. I think my intentions for this site have morphed from me being an “everything blogger”, to a more streamlined version of a travel and style blogger. Simply a flight attendant blogger if you will—because I’d expect a lot of travel and style from a flight attendant, wouldn’t you? Of course that doesn’t mean I’ll be banning beauty posts or my beloved word-heavy posts or even product reviews. I’m just happy to have found my current subject matter for JSB and to know where I want to head in the future.

Recently you may have seen two posts regarding trips to London (London in Five Days & Galentine’s in London) and I won’t lie—I loved preparing them and how they turned out! That’s kind of my ideal blog post right there—some travel tips and destination info for those of you thinking of going there, places I went to and recommend, and of course, beautiful photos of it all! I hope you guys like reading about what my friends and I do as much as I like recapping it, too.

So I think that’s the future of JSB right there. Who knows, this site could change drastically in a few months time, but for right now I’m just enjoying using it a way to remember my travels personally as well as helping others plan their travels or to have a little escape for a bit (with a smidgen of fashion and beauty and all the other fun stuff I love).

As far as other social media goes…I would love to start up a YouTube channel in the future, but I’m just not ready for that right now. I admire so many amazing women and men who have YouTube channels and take the time to create top notch content and daily vlog their lives and edit said content, but that’s just not in the cards for me (at least for now!). I’m taking a little step back from social media this year, too. I was a little obsessive about it towards the end of 2016…constantly watching others’ Snapchat stories and Instagram stories and making sure I posted something on Instagram everyday and keeping up with the trends. It’s all just a little bit much sometimes, isn’t it? This year I stopped trying to become some “famous” blogger. I stopped worrying about the number of likes and shares I was getting, stopped constantly trying to gain a following, and made my accounts a bit more private. All I can say is that I’ve been on social media half as much as I used to be and am focusing on the moments I’m in (rather than photographing and recording them) much, much more. I’ve always loathed how people can’t do something even the slightest bit interesting without the need the Snapchat it (me included!). Why?! Why must the world know we’re at a concert, or getting Starbucks, or drinking a fancy cocktail? The obsession to impress others and make others jealous is a nasty one—something I’d like to personally just get over. The last thing I’d want is for people to think I’m purposely trying to make them jealous about my life. But that’s the thing with social media and especially blogging: we’re documenting the best stuff. I’m not putting the crappy parts of my day online because I don’t want people to know those parts. If I do put something crappy that happened to me online, it’s also somehow a cry for attention in some twisted way—like “be jealous, I just missed my flight to Florida—my life totally sucks right now.” Does that make sense? It’s gross. So I pray that I come through as the courteous person I really am, or at least try to be, here! I truly am blessed and thank God for the awesome life I live and incredible job I have daily and I hope through my posts that I can inspire you to create a fulfilling life that makes you just as happy.

So thank you everyone for being a part of this fun little hobby of mine this year! Jet Set Bets has proven to be just as fun for others to read as it has been for me to write (YAY!). Even if nobody were reading I’d still be here talking about my adventures. It’s been a great outlet for me and will be amazing for me to look back on my travels, style, and comings and goings one day.

I have some exciting new things going on in my life that I’ll be sure to post about on here soon…like my new apartment! I’m moving into a place next month and am sooo excited–it has a bowling alley, guys. It’s also my birthday this week! I (seriously) can’t believe I’ll be 23 this year…although this birthday should be a little easier for me to accept than last year’s–I did not want to ever not be 21. So we have lots of wonderful celebrations coming up to partake in together! I have a feeling we’ll need to buy lots of champagne…

Chit chat soon, babes. You know where to find me until then (@betsyabernethy).

Xx Jet Set Bets