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Hey, four-eyes!

Yes, you in the glasses; I’m talking to you! I’m a spec-sporter too, and what I’m here to tell you today is that glasses do not have to be boring and they do not have to be expensive.

I’ve always spent hundreds of dollars on my eyeglasses from shops in the mall, only to find myself wanting something new months later as the styles change. I recently discovered and found their über affordable and cool eyeglasses to be perfect for someone interested in stylish specs.

Ordering glasses online may be nerve racking to some, as getting the prescription and sizing just right can be difficult over the web. I found the ordering process super easy and I could even upload my photo to their online shop to virtually “try on” the glasses I planned to buy. All they need is a prescription and pupillary distance (which you can measure yourself using a ruler).

I found a pair of prescription sunglasses I just had to have. Because I wear my glasses to work and while traveling (I can’t stand wearing contacts on a plane—they dry out too much) having a pair of prescription sunnies to rock when landing early in the morning or to shamelessly cover up the lack of makeup post flight is the perfect solution for someone like me with less than perfect vision.

I also found that having them to wear when I popped out to the pool or beach in the morning while on vacation in Key West was a major key to success—mornings plus contacts just don’t work for me. I’ll add a few selfies I snapped so you can see them in action.

 Get My Beach Look:

Prescription Sunglasses “Evansville Wayfarer” –

Swimsuit – (ON SALE!) Wolf & Whistle

 The best part of this? You can get your first pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for 50% off using my promo code: GSHOT50!

Enter this code in at checkout for half priced eyeglasses or sunglasses with free lenses at

Now get shopping! It’s “clear to see” that this is a good deal.


Xx Jet Set Bets