Quick Trip to Paris


I’ve just returned from two layovers in Paris where I got a chance to do a little sight seeing and relaxing in one of my favorite cities.

I took loads of photos, saw some gorgeous places, and wanted to let you know where I went incase you have the chance to visit the City of Light sometime soon.

On y va!


On my first day (after a short post-flight nap!) I took off to see some sights near the Eiffel Tower. From there I crossed the River Seine via the Bir-Hakeim bridge—my favorite bridge in Paris. It’s lined with gorgeous, green columns and hanging lamps and you’ve probably seen it in photos. I took photos for a previous blog post on this bridge—you can see the post here! I definitely recommend crossing the river on the Bir-Hakeim; it also offers great views of La Tour Eiffel.

Now on the Rive Droit, I wandered the cobblestone riverbank and took in the houseboats and passersby on river tours. I also got a few great shots while there.

I made my way up to the Palais de Tokyo to check out and chat with a few skateboarders. Had it been a bit later it would’ve been hard to say no to a drink at Monsieur Bleu, a very chic restaurant overlooking the river.

Next was the famous stroll up Avenue Montagne. This is the place to shop for all your high-end needs in Paris—Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, and more. In the spirit of flâneurie, I couldn’t help but stop and take a peek at the people lunching at L’Avenue—the place to eat in the huitième arrondisement. They were all gorgeous of course.

From the avenue, I finished off the end of the Champs Elysées, grabbed a crêpe, and hopped on the metro at Place de la Concorde. The majority of my day was to be spent in my favorite part of town—Montmartre.

I departed the train at Abbesses and worked my way up the winding, hilly streets stopping to take photos here and there. The best thing to do in Montmartre is just wander and get lost. As long as you’re walking uphill, you’ll end up at the butte overlooking the whole city, and it’s one of my favorite views in the entire world.

I walked back down a different route, chatted with a local after he complimented my dress (yes!) and stopped in a few shops along Boulevard de Rouchechouart. Afterwards I was ready for a glass of rosé, so I hit the patio at Brasserie Barbès. I had an amazing night there last summer (read about it here) and the cute waiters and delicious cheese plate reeled me right back in. After a couple hours of people-watching I hopped on the metro and headed back to my hotel for a good night’s rest before flying back to the states in the morning.


Two days later I was back in Paris for another 24 hours to do whatever I pleased. As usual, a nap was needed after being up all night on a flight. Afterwards I met up with a crew member and we headed off to the mecca for Instagram photos in Paris—Le Palais Royale. The Royal Palace is made of 17th century architecture and arcades with shops and hotels along the outer edges. It boasts a stunning garden as well as the main event—Daniel Buren’s striped columns in the courtyard that I’m sure you’ve seen all the bloggers climbing on during Paris Fashion Week. We spent a couple hours enjoying the hot weather in this garden and had a glass of wine in the sunshine, just like the locals were doing.

In the evening we met with a few other crew members and hit Le Marais for food and drinks. Le Marais is a great area to shop and eat in Paris. It’s also the “gayborhood,” so a bunch of flight attendants fit in just fine. We had a drink at a café but soon realized it was a bit of a tourist trap as the menu inside was completely different and more expensive than the one outside. Also, don’t trust a place in Paris that has a “happy hour”—it’s very un-Parisian. We walked from Hôtel de Ville to St. Paul and found a different British-French brasserie to have our dinner. Great things to try while in Paris if you haven’t before are escargots (snails!), mussels (aka moules), steak tartare (raw beef), duck, rabbit, and French cheese plates. The wine and champagne is obviously superb, and if you’re not feeling that exotic with your meal choices, the pizza and pasta is likely second to Italy’s.


I hope this post gave you’re a few ideas of where to go on your next Parisian holiday. I have a feeling I’ll be back quite soon…


Xx Jet Set Bets