The personal style of Jet Set Bets is inspired not only by the places I go, but the people I meet. I’m a maker and breaker of the laws of fashion. I have always worn what I wanted because it makes me feel fabulous.

My travels influence me greatly. I spend so much time in airports, in big cities, and, yes, shopping, that I am constantly surrounded by style inspiration. I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for looks that spark my interest. I keep a note in my phone of outfit ideas I pull from people on the street and I’ve even been known to ask to take photos of strangers’ outfits when I’m feeling their look! I am all about supporting other women who have the same desire to pull together an outfit and essence that is chic, inventive, and eye-catching as I do.

My style has two identities that I’ve come to call

Betsy in London and Betsy in Paris.

These two distinct modes work separately and cohesively, depending on what I’m feeling.

Betsy in Paris is the flirty side of my personal style: my “colorful” side (so, the rare occasion I’m not wearing all black—although all black does not cancel out being ‘Betsy la Parisienne’). My inner Blair Waldorf comes out here. Gossip Girl fans, unite! High-waisted bottoms, fur gilets, chapeaux, écharpes, (okay, we know you think you can speak French)…heels and culottes cultivate this approach to tackling the beast that is my wardrobe.

When I embody London I embrace a darker attitude. We see this side of me a bit more as it operates my casual wardrobe. Leather, ripped denim (always two knee slits), shirts buttoned to the top, black booties, oversized coats and blazers, all black everything, masculine pieces.

These two very different cities, attitudes, lifestyles, and looks come together to be what are perfectly…me and my thing.

And I’ll always wear trainers with anything. I am a total sneakerhead.

If I had to describe my style in three words they’d be: Minimal, Oversized, Neutral.

Minimal meaning simple, basic…solids, no funky patterns, no creepy fabrics. I think it’s partially my Scandinavian heritage coming forth–Scandi-chic is a vibe I love to pull. You can’t go wrong with leather and denim. You could wear five different colors (see my “colors” under Neutral) and still look fantastic when they’re all of minimal design. I’d throw on another layer before adding jewelry.

Oversized meaning nothing too fitted—save that for the club. Actually, I barely wear things that are fitted to the club. Loose, but in a sexy way. I love how loose clothing lays on the body. Slouchy shoulder hems. Longline sweaters that almost touch the floor. Leave some things to the imagination. Hide the fact you just polished off a large pizza on your own (not judging).

Neutral meaning why wear anything that is not black, white, grey, camel, ivory, navy, or burgundy? Seriously. (Okay, there are exceptions, but let’s consider those seven the holy grail of Jet Set Bets’s color company). I do wear color and pattern on the occasion, a lot of purple which you may notice comes out in my makeup, nail polish, and signature plum eye glasses, but I like to keep it simple and classic on most days.

Personal style is everything.

You have to know what you like and what likes you in terms of clothing. Everyone has a different idea about what they prefer to wear. When I put on an outfit and head out the door, I’m not questioning it. And I do not need someone to tell me that it would look better with nude heels instead of black. Or that my boyfriend blazer would look better if it was fitted. NO THANKS. I don’t need your opinion because I like what I’m wearing: it’s called “personal style” thankyouverymuch.

From a young age I had a bit of that je ne sais quoi about my look. I liked clothes—a lot. This developed into a sort of sense I had for fashion. I wore a lot of trendy pieces in my own way before others had the guts to do so and I loved it, even if I got made fun of (middle schoolers are brats). I really was, and still somehow manage to be, ahead of the game. I knew what “my style” was. I think a lot of this comes from my love for travel and other cultures. I find out what is trendy or fashionable through art, design, and people of different countries (America may be leading in many ways, but we definitely aren’t cutting-edge when it comes to fashion. Leave that to Europe).

If I could give one piece of advice to the people out there that at least give half a sh*t about how they look, it would be to find your personal style.

Jet Set Bets - Personal Style

I love shopping. And I don’t think you have to spend thousands to have a chic look (although it doesn’t hurt). I like a mix of high and low end, new and vintage. Here are a few of my favorite stores and brands I currently shop at because this flight attendant is on a budget and needs to look fierce on the go:


River Island


All Saints


Urban Outfitters

New Look